Do I have to purchase my tickets in advance?

Advance sales are strongly encouraged. Tickets will be available at the gate, at an increased price.

Do I have to purchase parking in advance?

Advance sales are strongly encouraged. You will be able to purchase parking on site, at an increased price.

Do kids get in for free?

General admission is free for children 12 and under

Will there be handicapped accessible parking and viewing?

Yes, and you may also arrange for golf cart transport if need be! Speak to your parking lot attendant upon your arrival

Do I have to print out my tickets/parking passes?

For the sake of keeping the lines moving, we do ask that you print them out if possible. If you do not have access to a printer, you can just show them on your phone. 

Can I bring in outside food or beverage?

Outside food and beverages, including alcohol, are prohibited on the festival grounds. You won't be able to get past ticketing with them. If you are camping, you may have outside food and beverages in the campground

Can I drive my golf car, ATV or UTV on the festival grounds. 

Our insurance policy strictly prohibits the use of any type of vehicle outside of the parking lot. 

Can I leave the festival grounds and return in the same day?

Yes, but you will need to go back through the ticketing area and security checkpoint

What are the rules for the campgrounds?

See below:

Camping is allowed only in designated areas 
No weapons of any type allowed 
No outside alcohol is allowed on festival grounds (you may have it at your campsite)
No fireworks allowed 
No open pit fires allowed 
No pets (Only ADA support pets permitted)  
Any ADA pets must be leashed and properly cleaned up after 
No illegal drugs permitted 
No amplified music after Midnight 
Bring no trash/Leave no trash. Clean up after yourselves 
Must have a festival ticket/wristband in order to camp 
Each campsite must have an 18 year old responsible adult 
Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult and never left unsupervised 
Only properly permitted vehicles allowed at campsite 

Each campsite is allowed one vehicle. If there are multiple campers at one site, and they have more than one vehicle, they must purchase a companion parking pass for each additional vehicle. 

Move in times:

Thursday May 12th-You may begin moving in at 4pm

Fri May 13th, Sat May 14thm Sun May 15th-You may begin moving in at 10am (when the gates open to the public)

Move out times:

We ask that you move out by 12pm on the first day, that you don't have a ticket for.

If you are camping on the night of Sun May 15th, you must be moved out and off the property by 12pm on Mon May 16th. (Not trying to be harsh but it turns into a construction site while we breakdown and it's not safe).

example 1: You have a 2-day festival pass for Fri and Sat. You also have a 2-night (Fri and Sat) camping pass. You must be moved out of your campsite by 12:00pm on Sunday (because you don't have a festival pass for Sunday).

example 2: You have a 3-day festival pass, but only want to camp on Fri and Sat nights. In this case you may keep your campsite up until the music stops on Sunday (because you bought a festival pass for all 3 days).